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Thank you so much for your interest in Mum-Me Fit Time. You have already taken the first major step towards reaching your goals. Well done for putting yourself out there, putting yourself first and deciding that now is the time to move even further forward on your health and fitness journey. That’s really awesome!

My goal is to help you to reset by giving you the tools and importantly giving you the support to make huge leaps towards achieving your own health and fitness goals. I’m honored to help you and I can’t wait to see you succeed 🙂

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The 28 Day Body Blitz Program

 I created this program with the intention of helping mums to:

  • lose weight
  • tone and strengthen your body
  • feel healthier – inside and out
  • have more energy and
  • to keep up with and enjoy a full life with your children.

Mumlife is hectic and I’ve tried and tested this program on myself to make sure it is family friendly. It is purposefully created with the intention of flexibility in your day and I’ve kept the workouts short (no more than 20 minutes). In fact, here is a FREE example workout that you can try for yourself!

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As well as exercise, this program also focuses on nutrition, stress & mindset, with two packages that you can choose from.

The Stress & Mindset package focuses on providing you with the tools to reduce your body’s reaction to stress and the impact stress has on your health. The package also includes my 10 Day Soaring Minds Mindset course designed to help you move through negative self talk and excuses, and to develop a growth mindset towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

For the nutrition package, I’ve worked with a nutritionist to ensure your meals support and fuel you for your workouts during the program. Best of all, I include shopping lists – instant time saver! Oh and while the meals are specifically for you on this journey, the ones I did share with my kids were a massive hit!

I am ready to help you! Sometimes we just need a little push to get us started on our health and fitness journey. Having someone give us the workouts, meal plans/mindset tools and keep us accountable is an added bonus! My promise to you is that I will keep you accountable. I will provide you with individual support, motivation and encouragement over the 28 Days. There is no getting lost in the crowd here –  I want you to succeed and I will personally work with you to achieve that!

As well as personal support from me, you also have access to a private support group where you can share your wins, receive and offer encouragement and chat with other mums who are also moving forward on their health and fitness journey.

Here is what you will receive:

  • A 20 minute workout delivered via an app for you to complete each day
  • Online guidance on how to undertake each exercise safely and correctly
  • An ebook containing all 28 workouts offering variety that doesn’t require expensive gym equipment. In fact, all the workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home!
  • Support and accountability directly with me for the entire 28 days
  • Encouragement, inspiration and motivation via an online support group
  • The option to choose between a 28 Day meal plan & weekly shopping list OR a Mindset & Stress Release Package.



Only 10 Spots Available

Start Date: 15 May 2019
Price: $100 AUD

Pay in installments option available. Please contact Nikki directly at

*Workouts are not individualized. If you have any medical conditions or injuries, weak pelvic floor, abdominal separation, are under 4 months post-partum or are pregnant, please email Nikki prior to purchasing to discus the suitability of this program. Meal Plans are provided by a nutritionist. They are for general population and do not cater for breastfeeding mums, pregnant mums or if you have any pre-existing health conditions.


I love the short workouts and exercise challenges. It works really well around family life. – Jacqui B

Just wanted to share a win – my clothes are fitting as if I was 2kg lighter, my ‘skinny day’ dress has room in it! Seeing the muscle tone aswell. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my goals! – Nic C

Nikki, Thank you for all the support during this challenge, the mindset course and the previous challenge I have done with you. After a very stressful morning I was ready to give in, however thanks to all the tips & support I instead went for a walk and did some positive self care. It was great for me and a wonderful feeling at the time. Thank you! – Nicole L

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