Meet Nikki

Certified Personal Trainer


Before I introduce myself, I want to ask you a question. Are you a mum, regardless of your child’s age, who is struggling to find time to move forward on your health and fitness journey?

If you answered yes, then I’m your girl!

HI, I’m Nikki, owner and trainer at Mum-Me Fit Time. Having worked as a qualified fitness professional in the Fitness Industry for over a decade, my interest in training mums peaked when I fell pregnant with my first child. Undertaking qualifications in post-natal training, it became evident to me that our bodies go through a lot while producing and delivering the loves of our lives – our children.

After having my second child I found myself 20kg heavier then I wanted to be, dealing with unrealistic expectations of how I should be (whether those were in my head or portrayed in the media), busy in a way I have never been before and struggling to find time to get to scheduled exercise sessions because the children needed to sleep, eat or frankly, were just too hard to juggle that day.

I needed flexibility with my training, but also accountability. Someone making sure I was putting in the work but allowed me to do the work at a time that suited me. This is when my third baby, Mum-Me Fit Time was born!  Online training that provides flexibility to train whenever and wherever it suits you.

My philosophy is that health and fitness should be a part of your life. It isn’t a specific nutrition plan, it isn’t limiting yourself or doing things that you don’t want to do and most importantly it isn’t about taking yourself away or limiting what you can do with your family.

Health and fitness is about being the best version of you and my vision with Mum-Me Fit Time is to give mums who are juggling many balls, the tools, motivation and inspiration towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

Dear Busy Mumma
I know you are currently experiencing a very different lifestyle to your pre-children days. I know you struggle to balance the many hats you wear and you become overwhelmed easily.
I know you long to work on your fitness, but you feel lost and unsure where to start which then affects your nutrition and mindset. 
I can help you find the tools to restart your health and fitness journey and make sure that it fits with you and your families lifestyle so that you have every chance of success at achieving your health and fitness goals.
I know you prioritize your family first and for that reason my services are flexible and designed specifically for mums needs. However, I will also offer you accountability to help you focus on achieving your goals.
Ultimately I know you want to be a positive role model for your children and remembered for being an active mum.
Message me and let me help you to be that mum and we can start your journey to achieving your goals.

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