Reset for the Future: 12 week Online Challenge

You want to make a long term change to your health and fitness but find you keep slipping back into old habits.

You want to be your optimal self but you have no idea where to begin – is it tackling your mind? is it getting your nutrition right? how on earth do I exercise aswell?

You are sick of short term fixes, sick of the yo-yo diets, sick of the pressure to get it right!

Sound familiar?

This challenge addresses all of the above and more. 

With a focus on Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset, this challenge is flexibly designed specifically for mums who are juggling many balls but want to become their optimal self. 

I won’t make you exercise for hours on end in this challenge, nor will I make you cook meals that your preschooler will instantly turn their nose up at. This challenge is about providing you with the tools to assist you in finding a balance of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset that works for you and your lifestyle.  

I will work with you during the entire 10 week period, checking in with you, supporting and encouraging you. Ultimately, I will assist you in moving forward and achieving your health and fitness goals.

Who am I? I am Nikki, founder and owner of Mum-Me Fit Time, qualified personal trainer and mum of two young boys. I get mumlife. I get how hard it can be to simply brush your teeth some days. I also get that without good health, mumlife can be even more challenging. 

Nikki is great. She works with you, supports and encourages you to become more motivated, eat healthier and have more control on your overall health and fitness. I recommend the 12 week challenges that she runs as it makes you more educated and also more accountable of your own journey. You are also part of a community of mums all going through the same journey to look and feel good about yourself.  

Jaimelee C, Round 3 Challenge Participant

What is included in the Challenge?

  • Weekly activities and mini-challenges
  • Weekly meditation/mind clearing activity
  • Weekly lessons covering  goal setting, stress, sleep, nutrition and exercise fundamentals just to name a few!
  • Workout videos
  • Guest webinar speakers
  • Downloadable Ebooks containing workouts and recipes
  • A 28 day Meal Plan
  • A Food Guide and Nutrition Plan to support you beyond the challenge
  • A 28 day exercise program 
  • Online motivation, support and encouragement via a private Facebook support group.

VIPs also receive weekly 30 minute one-on-one online coaching sessions with me.


This Challenge is perfect for you if you want to: 

  • Learn how to ditch the diets and maintain a way of eating that fits with your family and lifestyle
  • Set yourself up for success with developing and achieving your health and fitness goals
  • Regain your sanity and build your toolbox for a fit and healthy mindset
  • Be the best version of yourself and embrace mum life

Challenge Packages

  • Standard Package: $14.60 per week (all inclusions listed above)
  • VIP Package: $62 per week (all inclusions listed above, weekly coaching and accountability calls plus personalised content such as individual exercise and health plans)

Are you ready to Reset Your Future? Contact me and let's chat!

 I know your time is precious – let’s have a quick 15 minute chat to work out which of the two 10 Week Online Challenge packages works best for you. It is also a wonderful opportunity for me to answer any additional questions you may have.

The challenge has taught me a lot about mindfulness and to be kind to myself. I love the short workouts and exercise challenges. It works really well around family life.

Jacqui - Round 1, 2, 3 & 4 Participant

I have absolutely loved this challenge. You have seriously changed my life for the better. I have learnt so much and I’m leaving this challenge knowing I can get fit and healthy which 12 weeks ago, I had absolutely no ideas where to begin. I have overhauled my eating and exercise and my family is benefitting from all of it too. It wasn’t east, it’s been a bumpy journey personally, but life is always bumpy and for the first time I kneew how to keep going. I’m leaving this challenge a different person, your realistic and practical approach was exactly what I needed.

Sarah - Round 4 Participant

Nikki, the face of Mum Me Fit Time is so REAL and full of ENERGY. Her online fitness program is so deserving of a shout out. I’m moving more, making healthier food choices, not wasting time driving to gym’s or needing to prepare my family in order to take a class, my husband and daughter are talking about “Mummy’s exercises” (I feel proud they’re seeing me exercise), and well…it’s just plain fun!”  Steph - Round 1 Participant

When I signed up I felt like 12 weeks was so long but now I feel like it’s gone waaaaayyyy to fast!! I’ve enjoyed the challenge and you have really helped me to get in the right mind frame. I’m feeling really good and I can’t believe how much and how quickly I lost weight! 

Karlie - Round 2 Participant

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