Online Personal Training

  • Do you have a health or fitness goal in mind but struggle to achieve it?
  • Are you time poor and feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning a workout?
  • Do you want to workout but your availability is irregular?

Online Personal Training provides you with a personal trainer who does all the background work for you, so that you can simply focus on training at a time and place that suits you.

Online training is flexible, you aren’t required to be at a gym at a particular time, yet it still offers you accountability. Once you have your program you aren’t simply left alone to go forth, Nikki tracks your workouts and provides you with support and encouragement regularly. If you haven’t checked in for a few days, Nikki will check in with you.

Online fitness training is perfect for you if you want to

  • Get maximum results with personalized training programs that fit into your lifestyle
  • Have the flexibility to work out when and where it suits you with a program structured towards achieving your health and fitness goals
  • Ensure your workouts are safe and suitable for the needs of your body such as post-natal or injury specific conditions
  • Be accountable with your own personal trainer who will also support, encourage and motivate you along your journey

What do you get by training online with Nikki?

  • A workout program written specifically for you which can be adjusted to cater for your needs and preferences
  • Links to videos that demonstrate how to undertake each exercise safely and correctly
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Regular accountability, support, encouragement, check ins and ability to ask questions
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls (VIP package)


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